Our company has been active on the international trucking market since 1993 and we have always offered highest quality services to our clientele whether it is an express parcel service, less than truck loads (LTL), full truck loads (FTL), oversized loads, warehousing, customs clearance services or complete logistic solutions at competitive prices.


Our ability to offer complex services under one roof has always been appreciated by our customers. We are the member of Association of forwarding and logistics of the Czech Republic, the member of the Chamber of Commerce and since 2004 we have been ISO 9001 certified.

Data and facts


  • 1993 sole trader

  • 2004 change to Ltd. and certification ISO 9001:2001

  • 2007 a full SSL Czech member

  • 2008 change of company name to RPS logistic s.r.o

  • 2008 a full member of Economic Chamber

  • 2009 a full ČLA member


  • Brněnská 29/10,
    691 06 Velké Pavlovice,
    Motorway D2 exit Hustopeče

  • Hudcova 533/78 c,
    612 00 Brno,
    Technologický park sever

TOPTRANS System partner, headquarters

  • Pávov 123, 586 08 Jihlava

Logistic centres

  • areál pivovaru, 434 35 Sedlec (Most)

  • Průmyslová 11, 102 00 Praha

  • logistický areál, 533 71 Dolní Roveň

  • Pávov 123, 586 08 Jihlava

  • Tuřanka 115, 62700 Brno

  • Čáčov 399, SK – 905 01 Senica

Total capacity of warehouses

  • 38 000 m2

Quality policy and control

certifikat The quality of our service is based on the highest standards and has been supervised by independent authorities since 2004. In July 2007 we renewed the certificate of quality standards ISO 9001:2001 issued by the company TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o.

The management of our company has committed themselves to accomplish following strategic intentions:

  1. 1. Management and all supervisory staff

    • apply the strategy of work without any mistakes on all control levels; prefer the principle of prevention to all faults by high standards of transport preparation before the analysing of fault cause at the realisation process.

    • by consistent, responsible and creative approach satisfy needs of our customers by keeping up with deadlines and the best quality of delivery.


  2. 2. To lower our unnecessary costs
    with focus on improving the transport scheduling, reducing costs of faulty services, energy and material, aiming to long-lasting improvement of the transports effectiveness for assurance of prosperity.

  3. 3. To increase qualification
    of all our employees and to guarantee their stable educational growth through their needs detection and the realization of training programmes.

  4. 4. To create conditions for increasing employee satisfaction
    based on the communication between management and employees and also their motivation.

  5. 5. To continually develop the system of quality control
    by regular evaluation of our results, by using of preventive system precautions, internal audits and other tools for permanent improvement of functionality, efficiency and effectivity of our management system in all activities.

  6. 6. To develop cooperation with our suppliers
    based on our regular evaluation of their services.

  7. 7. To support the process of continual quality improvement
    in all areas, with the active participation of all employees.

  8. Management is expecting full involvement from each employee. In terms of their activities by keeping the principles of permanent functionality and effectiveness of improvement in the system of quality, and they have committed to:

    • to support all activities which will help to achieve above mentioned intentions

    • to create necessary resources and conditions to accomplish the quality policy

    Iva Procházková
    Chief Executive Officer


In 2011 we became a sponsor of the Girls' choir of Basic school of Arts in Velké Pavlovice.